About our School

The parish school at The Holy Epiphany Church in Boston is dedicated in the name of the last tsarevich of Russia – Holy Royal Martyr Tsarevich Alexey.

The school’s mission is to assist parents in instilling a Russian orthodox consciousness in our children, foster an active, living faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Church, and to encourage a firm moral upbringing. The school strives to serve as a bridge between the church and home.

The Parish School accepts children ages 5-17. All children must be either baptized in the Orthodox Faith, or be considering baptism in the Orthodox Faith. Children which are not yet baptized must first receive a blessing (permission) from the Parish Rector, Father Victor Boldewskul (FrVictor@comcast.net) before they are accepted into the school.

Knowledge of the Russian Language is NOT a prerequisite. Although we encourage our students to learn and use Russian in school, lessons are taught bilingually in classes that have children that don't understand Russian. Our hope is that by participating in the program that your child will eventually develop a basic ability to understand and speak the Russian language.