Law of God

Students will study:

  • The Fundamentals of the Orthodox Faith
  • The Old and New Testaments
  • The Divine Services and Sacraments
  • The Lives of Saints
  • The Writings of the Church Fathers
  • The History of Orthodoxy and the Russian Orthodox Church

In addition to classroom work, students will be guided toward the development of a church and spiritual life by way of:

  • Active participation in the Divine Services
  • Regularly partaking of the mysteries of Confession and Holy Communion
  • Pilgrimages to Orthodox monasteries and other Orthodox parishes
  • Older students will begin reading in Church Slavonic during services

Russian Arts & Crafts

This class is taught on a random basis when a Law of God teacher is unable to teach their class. (Usually once per each semester). Students will learn about Russian art and develop creative artistic skills, including: drawing, painting, and woodworking. Students will also become familiar with Russian iconography and classical art.